Monday, 11 July 2011

Green Computer/Environment Part 1

     We'll I am trying to start a new greener (environmental) chapter in my life. One of my first steps to be greener is my test computer. The biggest thing I have done to the test computer is turn off the overclocking and turn on Amd Cool n Quiet. So you might be asking what does Amd Cool n Quiet do. What this does is brings the speed of all the cpu cores down when the computer is not in heavy use. Now when the cpu cores speed comes down the amount of power the cpu needs comes down as well. The speed only lowers when the default cpu speed is not needed. When the speed is needed the default cpu speed will come back up.
     The lowest speed that it drops down to is 800 Mhz on all cores. When the cpu is at full speed it is 2.8 Ghz. This is a 2 Ghz drop on all cores when in power saving mode. I have also noticed that the temperature has dropped down 10 degrees from 45 to 35. My next step with the computer is to replace the two hard drives with solid state drives. Now I know I have one but replacing the other two with solid state drives will help with power consumption. The way solid state drives are better is because there are no moving parts. The moving parts in regular hard drives take more power to function.
     Also one of my next certificates I am working towards is CompTIA Green IT. This certificate will go along way with with showing to myself and others that I have a firm commitment to the environment. In part 2 I will be going over how to get Amd Cool n Quiet to work on your computer. I will be also talking about how Ubuntu works with the Cool n Quiet technologies.

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